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Look to Norseman AV for your Audio or Video Conferencing solutions!

A/V conferencing has simplified the need to meet when multiple parties can not be in the same physical location at the same time.  New technologies and methods of conferencing while mobile have made connection problems a snap! And, Norseman AV is there to help make it work for you.


We offer everything from a simple audio conferencing system to virtual meeting room situations. These offer valuable features which help participants distribute files to the group, send private messages to one another and to even make visual presentations.


Not only does Norseman AV carry and install the technology necessary to facilitate A/V conferencing, but we also test to ensure that the equipment and environment is compatible with the conference bridge.  We always strive for the highest quality and clarity in both the visual and audio transmission.




Call us if you would like to find out how we can help transform your conference room with the latest A/V conferencing equipment!

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