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The advent of thin, flat screen displays has made the playing field very exciting. We offer all types of displays, Plasma, LCD and LCD/LED, in a wide variety of sizes and styles.


Whether you are looking to upgrade your current display or replace a broken or worn out one, Norseman AV has the solution for you.  New LCD and LED technology has become the wave of the future.  Not only does it use less energy but it also does away with the use of mercury in the older model monitors and TVs.  And, the LED backlight displays are now able to run much longer and brighter due to improved cooling panels.  Sizing has also become more diverse, with screens now available up to 90 inches!

As a full service professional AV provider and integrator, Norseman AV will help you select the appropriate size and style of display that best fits its intended environment and audience.  We truly believe that the right equipment will provide your presentations with greater impact, which in turns leads to a much more successful event.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to selecting a new display, and Norseman AV is here to help you. Email us to inquire how we can gladly help you select the right display.

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