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Let Norseman AV be your one-stop shop for upgrading to the latest classroom technologies.

Many of our installations have been centered on upgrading classroom technology.  Educational institutions of today are not only looking for ways to enhance their teaching abilities but also their students' learning experience. And, what better way than with the visual tools such as projectors, interactive whiteboards and tablets?  With the advent of SMARTBoards, both teachers and students can now act as human input devices, allowing them to conduct a presentation or lesson almost exclusively from the whiteboard.  This not only expedites the delivery of information but also engages the attention of the audience with the visual aspect of the presentation, improving learning outcomes at any level.

Interactive white boards are in a growing market, especially with many schools, corporate boardrooms and training rooms and others upgrading to the energy efficient and environmentally responsible choice this technology offers. The boards allow for instant access to a huge reserve of resources. Norseman AV has successfully designed and installed many of these systems in area businesses and colleges.

Projector technology has also been enhanced over the years to incorporate the need for interactive presentations. New DLP interactive projectors essentially turn any wall into an interactive whiteboard. With the use of a special wireless interactive pen, a presentation can be projected and altered from up close or from a distance. It makes for a whole new experience in presenting! To learn more, click here.

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