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Norseman AV carries a variety of video projectors from all the major brands. Also, we can easily pair any projector with an accompanying screen.


When it comes to choosing a projector that best suits your needs, Norseman's expertise and knowledge of the wide range of technology  on the market will find you the best solution. 

Norseman AV  has been installing projectors for years in conference, classroom and other interactive environments.  Recent technology has made a very diverse selection of projectors that range from LCD to the new DLP construction. So, whether you're looking for a portable projector to transport to your presentation site or for a higher lumen output projector for your company's conference room, Norseman AV has the tools to help you select the best product to meet your goals.

Some of the projectors we carry and install are -  

Portable projectors  :  LCD Projectors  :  HD Projectors  :  Interactive Projectors : Projectors with DLP technology  (learn more about The DLP Advantage)  

Norseman AV is also very careful to select an appropriate screen to match each projector's aspect ratio and throw.  We have installed everything from square format manual screens to wide aspect ratio electronic screens.  Norseman also guarantees the installation of each screen to be level so that the structural and functional integrity of the screen remains intact. We also use high quality mounts to hold your new projector in place.

We provide screens in these formats in a variety of finishes, and more -    NTSC  :  HDTV  :  16:10 Wide  :  SXGA  (learn more on selecting Screens and Finishes here)           


Email us for help on selecting your Projector/ Screen/ Mount combination.


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