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We are proud to offer many solutions to any sound dilemma....


Because each environment has its own acoustic requirements, consulting with an expert in the field can save you a great deal of time and money when it comes to selecting the right equipment.  Norseman AV is that expert and can help you achieve the best sound quality for any given situation, be it a corporate boardroom, a small concert in the park, a large auditorium or, even, a lecture hall.  We design the most dynamic and effective configurations so that your message is always heard.

Whether you are looking for discreet, low profile ceiling speakers or a full impact array for your performance arena, Norseman AV has you covered.  We carry a wide variety of powered and passive speakers to meet all of your needs.  


  Surface mounted Speakers,  Stage Monitors,  Loudspeakers,  Subwoofers,  PA Speakers,  Ceiling mounted Speakers,  Arrays

We also carry many types of mixers for those whose sound requirements change often.  We are proud to offer a variety of digital mixers, mixing and effect consoles, amplifiers and all the bells and whistles needed to transmit your sound to its fullest.



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